T'as trop joué à World Of Warcraft quand ... #880

T'as trop joué à World Of Warcraft quand Tu tapes "fil ensorcelé fantomatique puissant" dans Google pour voir si les prix à l'HdV sont assez hauts pour mettre tes fils en vente.
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    Je trouve votre jueemgnt assez dur. Les ope9rations d embellissement du cadre de vie n ont rien d inutile! Cela contribue e0 rendre la vie quotidienne plus belle! Posté le 05/08/2013 à 19:17

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    Vasper....To megalhtero meros ths euhitnhs ta pernoun 2 'organizmoi'1) Oi goneis. Otan o mpampas kai oh mama einai KAI AUTOI thimata ths kaloperashs (dimosio tembelides klp klp klp) pou den einai aksioi na valoun oi idioi ena potirh nero na pioun, th perimenhs ?2) H aniparkth paidia. Apo thn stigmh pou o daskalos kai o kathigiths den exei thn 'eksousia' plewn kai o rollos tou exei metatraph se 'baby sitter', mhn perimenoume kai polla. Vevea oi idioi oi kathigites to epidiokoun auto.Thn nea genia einai h sinexish ths dikia mas.....kai emeis prepei na koitaxtoume ligo sto kathrefth. Posté le 13/08/2013 à 12:55

  • It depends how the will was set
    It depends how the will was set up.If the money was left to your fheatr and he choose to give some of it to you, then he may have to report gift taxes since the amount he gave you exceeds $13,000. You won't owe anything, and he won't owe anything unless he has exceeded the $1 million lifetime exemption.If the will specified your fheatr as the administrator or trustee of the estate, but the money was left directly to you, then you don't owe any taxes. Its not considered a gift nor is it income. The estate needs to report and pay estate taxes as required, then any money that is left AFTER the estate tax is paid can be distributed to the beneficiaries of the will, with no additional taxes.Estate taxes can be complicated. I highly recommend you have an attorney look over everything just to make sure you (or your fheatr) doesn't miss anything. A few hundred dollars in attorney's fees is cheap insurance compared to tens of thousands of dollars in potential fines and penalties if something isn't reported properly. The attorney can be paid from the estate. Posté le 15/08/2013 à 01:39

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  • Underinsured motorist. As Quotes
    Underinsured motorist. As QuotesChimp discussed earlier, having a healthy uninsured motorist coverage is almost a necessity. Adding to that an endorsement for underinsured motorists is also important. Posté le 06/03/2014 à 07:08

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