T'as trop joué à Rappelz quand ... #825

T'as trop joué à Rappelz quand , arrivé à l'école ou au bureau, t'as envie de PK ton prof ou ton boss
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  • What is with people today not ju
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    then say that u cant just expect a peorsn to understand what ur trying to explain if u dont say it correctly.. with the job points u get.. u are able to get about 3 new skills first mastery and then 2 new skills that are awesome. so actually i dont really know why u dont like it :/ u get 2 good spells. http://pmvhau.com [url=http://ndijyjvbp.com]ndijyjvbp[/url] [link=http://pwuxpri.com]pwuxpri[/link] Posté le 15/08/2013 à 05:15

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